Our Director, Nadia Moynihan, was recently interviewed at an online event hosted by LexisNexis, on the topic of running her practice remotely.

If you have found this new norm to be challenging or just want to optimise your work from home productivity, you might benefit from tuning in and hearing her share her experience with it. The recording of the event can be viewed here


Synopsis: “While lawyers are typically viewed as desk bound, recent developments in legal technology are giving lawyers the opportunity to work remotely. The onslaught of COVID-19 and the suspension of all “non-essential” services has turned this opportunity into an imperative. Not only is the ability to work remotely necessary for lawyers to keep their businesses afloat, it is also necessary for access to justice and the rule of law – a fundamentally essential principle for a fair and equitable society. We speak with litigator, Nadia Moynihan, Director of August Law Corporation, who has been working primarily from home for the last two years.”

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